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Ingredients for Education conducts rigorous research with university partners to evaluate the  impact of KickinNutrition.TV programming on nutrition knowledge, program efficacy and on health-related behaviors.  Research has demonstrated positive results on improving:

  1. Students’ Motivations and Skills to Enact Change
  2. Nutrition Knowledge
  3. Behavioral Choices (In school, outside of school and online)
  4. Impact on the Family and the Home Food Environment

On average, over 30 to 40 percent of students showed measurable improvements in eating behaviors relating to increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.


After engaging in the program 40% of students reported that they: (1) made an action plan to work on a personalized health-related goal, (2) made a meal or snack using a new recipe, and (3) included at least two healthy food groups in a breakfast, lunch or snack the day before.


Daily breakfast consumption increased as a habit to 54% of students, at program conclusion.


The proportion of students who did not eat a fast food meal in the past week increased to 44% overall.

KNTV is Proven to Positively Impact Readiness to Change and Self-Efficacy:

Self-Efficacy - Behaviors Most Impacted:

Readiness to Change - Behaviors Most Impacted:

  • Making my own snacks

  • Eating whole grain foods daily

  • Helping to cook family dinner

  • Eating low-fat dairy foods daily

  • Drinking soda less often

  • Identifying whole grain foods

  • Helping to cook family meals

  • Helping my family make healthy choices

  • Using Nutrition Facts labels to make healthy choices

  • Choosing proper portions